Let us probe the silent places, let us seek what luck betide us;
Let us journey to a lonely land I know.
There's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us,
And the Wild is calling, calling . . . let us go.

Robert Service — The Call of the Wild

Sunday, July 19, 2009
Tripod Camp to Intga River

Start hiking at 11:15. We are going to the Intga River today and arrive at 12:45. This stretch took us 3 hours last time. Apparently we are either stronger than last time or our packs are lighter. On the way in, a different helicopter (probably headed for Norman Wells) buzzes us and circles once to make sure we are okay – folks sure are nice out here. They appear to always be looking out for one another. Our food cache is in the cabin by the Intga River but not our fuel canisters, though we don't realize it yet. Starts raining right after we arrive, so we have lunch and tea in the cabin. Very cozy and dry. Once the rain stops, we decide to do laundry and bathe in the river despite it being cloudy, cold, and breezy. Naturally it is at this point that Jesse decides to buzz us in his airplane. Apparently he didn't get enough on the first pass because he circles around and gets a second look. Decided to set-up our tents by the river instead of up on top by the road. A beautiful site and just as well because the Yellowlegs would have driven us deaf with her calling. This evening Steve wades into the poetry circle with a FABULOUS reading of Robert Service's "Call of the Wild".
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